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Gifts for the Meditator

Gifts for the Meditator

Giving gifts is hard. Giving gifts to people that likely buy everything that they want is even harder. We’re here to help. 

So we’ve narrowed down that your loved one is a meditator. While you need don’t need any material item to be a meditator (hello sitting, shutting your eyes, and relaxing your body and mind…) there are a few tools that we like to have on hand to set the space, keep us comfortable, and that allow us to drop in even deeper. 

Here’s our round up of our favorite gifts for meditators: 

Cozy Poufs, Rugs and Blankets: 

  1. Lounge Pouf. Check out our Sanctuary tab for more colors.
  2. Meditation Cushion. Check out our Sanctuary tab for more colors.
  3. Cozy Rug 
  4. Blankets


  1. Sophisticated Blank Journal
  2. Large Genuine Leather Journal
  3. Handmade Red Genuine Leather Journal


  1. Candles
  2. Incense Cones 
  3. Incense Sticks
  4. White Sage Bundles
  5. Foral Sage Sticks 
  6. Palo Santo
  7. Brass Incense Holder
  8. Buddha Incense Burner
  9. Palo Santo Purification Spray

Altar Goods 

  1. Mandala Bowl 
  2. Heart Shaped Jasper Stone 
  3. Crystal Grid