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Soul-FULL Stocking Stuffers

Soul-FULL Stocking Stuffers

Stockings just might be our favorite part of Christmas morning. They’re always a real surprise: the candy, the household items we need but never get, and the random things you just wouldn't have thought about. This year, let’s take it a step further and add some SOUL to our stockings! Here are a handful of ideas perfect sized for a stocking.


  1. Hydrating Body Oil
  2. Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds 
  3. Heart-Shaped Gua Sha Stone 
  4. Calm Nourishing Butter 
  5. Tinted Lip and Cheep Balm
  6. Body Balm
  7. Rose Quartz Bath Balm
  8. Shimmer & Glow Body Oil

Ritual :

  1. Palo Santo Sticks 
  2. Small Brass Incense Holder 
  3. Citrine Crystals 
  4. Heart-Shaped Jasper 
  5. Incense Cones 


  1. Beaded Earrings 
  2. Gold or Silver Necklace 
  3. Ridge Ring 


  1. Agate Coasters 
  2. Palo Santo Purification Spray

Happy Holidays from all of us at Indigo and Sage!